Sunday, December 13, 2009

Alberta Cross - Broken Side Of Time

Though this is an Americana tinged record, it's members are Anglo-Swedish and the sound does represent this.  Filled with blues folk and classic rock riffs, mixed with garage-rock distortions and drum beats it's definitely a revelation in sound.  But too much emphasis has been put on the guitar, so often enough the bass finds itself drowned out in the mix, save for a few tracks.  Basically the only way to describe it is if Jack White (White Stripes) had a love affair with Neil Young.  So in essence, it sounds quite a bit like early Kings Of Leon.  But not so fast you Sex Is On Fire loving bastards, I meant the early stuff, like Youth and Young Manhood territory.  Though it does sometimes have that all too radio friendly blandness.  I can see a few of these songs charting succesfully in the UK, but it's hard to imagine the same in North America.  The slower tracks are the highlight of the album, and the Swede's voice comes off las if I'd just hoofed Ryan Adams' country twang square in the nuts.  A hit and miss album, but it's really hard to hate, some tracks are undeniably catchy, just try not to let his voice get on your nerves too much.

Rating: 6.5/10

Leave Us Or Forgive Us
Taking Control

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